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The Big Amazon Marvel Digital Comics Sale (Is Over)

Update (End of September 2017)

The sale lasted almost two weeks, I’d say. Prices rose slowly.  The $2.00 cover prices went up to $3 and $4, and now they all appear to be back to normal.  The $3 books below are back to $7.50 — still cheap compared to print, but not Pocket Change Price.

I’m leaving this story intact here for two reasons:

  1. The sale will likely come around again sometime, and I’ll repost it as a reminder.
  2. When the sale does happen again, I’ll have the timestamp on this story to remember the last time it happened.


Original Story

It’s baaaaaack.

Amazon is deep discounting all its Marvel collections, to the tune of $2.20 per six issues, basically.

Over at, this week’s Pipeline features a list of 11 categories of comics worth picking up on this sale.  They range from the recent Mark Waid/Chris Samnee “Black Widow” series to Every Marvel Event/Crossover Series of the Past 15 Years.

But there were more — so very many more — suggestions I could make.  Rather than delete them all, I’m going to suggest them here to keep the good times rolling.

[Affiliate notice: Yes, these are all affiliate links.  If you click through and buy one of these, I will literally get a few pennies from Amazon. It won’t cost you a cent more.]

Star Wars

I mentioned the general “Star Wars” line of titles, but I didn’t mention any of the spin-off mini-series and series beyond “Darth Vader.”  Here are a few I want to catch up on with this sale:

  • Doctor Aphra ($3.00)

  • Tag & Bink ($2.00)

This is from the Dark Horse days of the license, but still a very funny title:

Two characters keep showing up in memorable scenes from the original movie trilogy, with hilarious results.

Poe Dameron ($2.20)

Charles Soule and Phil Noto?  Good deal!

  • Han Solo ($1.80)

Marjorie Lie and Mark Brooks handle this one.


  • Chewbacca  ($1.80)

Phil Noto again, but this time with Gerry Duggan on scripts.


Never Enough Alan Davis In Your Life

I mentioned lots of Alan Davis options, but not this one:

This one is $3.00.

I’m not really a cosmic guy. It’s not my usual cup of tea, to be honest, but the fact that it has Davis’ art in it is enough to make me look.


Even More Frank Miller Daredevil

I mentioned Frank Miller’s Daredevil run, but left off a couple of the follow-ups that were also spectacular.

“Man Without Fear” with art by John Romita Jr. might just be my favorite Daredevil comic of all time. Beautiful work by Romita in here, with great narration and storytelling from Miller.  This is the biggest no-brainer $1.80 you can spend at this sale:

And you can never go wrong with “Born Again,” especially at $3.00. I own the Artist’s Edition of this one, but a digital copy for reading purposes would not be a bad idea.

The Works of Warren Ellis

He wrote Excalibur once upon a time, you may remember. It takes three trade paperbacks to collect them all:


They’re $2.60 each. Good deal.

Ellis had a recent Karnak series that, for various reasons, was delayed excessively. It’s now complete, and this singular tome is the result for $2.20:



Neil Gaiman

In the column, I devoted a whole section to all the crossover event books from the last 15 years you could buy.

The Neil Gaiman-penned ‘1602’ was kind of an event, but not a crossover, and it was well self-contained. It featured very pretty art from Andy Kubert, too, and will run you all of $3.00 today:

Gaiman returned for “The Eternals” with John Romita Jr:

This one is only $2.60, if you’re terribly budget-conscious.


This One Makes Me Feel Old

I read “Weapon X” as a serial in Marvel Comics Presents back in the day, marveling that one guy could do everything in the story (except the lettering.)  It was amazing, it looked cool, and it opened up a new chapter in Wolverine’s life.  As a bonus, 30 years later, those events stuck.  They’re a big part of Wolverine’s history, and an accepted part.  Good job, Barry Windsor-Smith.

And at $2.20, it’s less than the cost of two of those issues from the newsstand…


And Finally…

Here’s the one I didn’t buy into on the last sale, but forgot to look for until after I delivered my column.  Mark Waid’s “Daredevil” run is complete across seven books for a total of just over $15:

That’s enough to keep your reading schedule busy for a little while…

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