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Zep draws Titeuf as a superhero

Watch Zep Draw Titeuf

Zep, the creator of “Titeuf,” is featured in this pair of videos, where he draws his character in different situations. Lots of creative fun!

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Long John Silver v1 cover header

Long John Silver v1: “Lady Vivian Hastings”

I went into this book totally blind.  I didn’t even read the blurb on the back cover.  I just liked the looks of the art in the preview pages, and the writing didn’t seem overbearing. If you want to go into blind like me, skip this next paragraph, which is Cinebook’s summary copy from their website: Twenty years after the…

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lucky luke the cursed ranch cover detail

When Good Books Go Bad: Lucky Luke v62: “The Cursed Ranch”

This is another collection of short stories featuring Lucky Luke. Unlike “Seven Stories,” it’s a mess and completely skippable. These stories were originally published in the 80s, years after Rene Goscinny’s death.  The Cinebook credits list the artist as “Morris (with the participation of M. Javier)”. In reality, it’s more like “M. Janvier drew the book, and Morris let him…

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