The Double Life of Miranda Turner v1 cover detail

The Double Life of Miranda Turner: Review and Inktober Days 20 and 22

Working on catching up on #Inktober2016 here.  I finished all the drawings on time and posted them to Twitter and/or Instagram.  Now I’m working on the last of the videos to go along with it.


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“The Double Life of Miranda Turner” is a charming series starring two sisters. Lindy was the hero known as The Cat. When she was murdered, her sister, Miranda, took up the mantle to crack the case of who killed her sister.  Lindy, as a ghost, is guiding her along the way, even though she has some well-founded doubts about her sister’s ability to pull this off.

The book is a colorful look at a world with fantastic superpowers and the offbeat adventures those lead to. Even though it deals with some really nasty bad guys and a murder at the heart of the whole thing, it’s not a grim and gritty book at all.  It’s a playful and colorful superhero adventure book with characters dressed up like animals, or possessed of weird powers.  (The opening scene pits The Cat against two guys who can control Legos.)

Artist and original series creator, George Kambadais, has a cute and very cartoony style.  The lines are thick and the imagery is easy to follow.  Character designs are the key.  They’re simple and bold, without feeling amateurish and cheap.  He’s giving you all you need, and that’s plenty enough.

With Jamie S. Rich, he creates a story to match that design, filled with memorable characters and storylines that are paced properly and give you satisfying beginnings/middles/ends. You will root for Lindy and Miranda in this book, even when you might think one or the other is not going about things right. And, most of all, you’ll want to know all the secrets about Lindy’s murder, even when this first book is finished and you don’t have all the answers yet.

The first trade paperback collecting the digital comics of “Miranda Turner” had its first volume printed at Image Comics recently. If you’re looking for a fun adventurous comic with a hint of danger and a thriller thrown into the mix, this book is worth a read.  It’s available for $15 today.


Inktober Final Piece

This is a two parter.  I’ll bring out the videos separately, but here’s the final piece:
Lindy and Miranda Turner for Inktober

Day 20: Lindy Turner

Day 21 was the previously-posted Wonder Woman drawing.  So we skip ahead to Day 22 for the pair for this Inktober drawing:

Day 22: Miranda Turner




I drew Portal (also from the same title) for Inktober, but never got around to inking it.  Here are those pencils:

For Inktober, but never inked, this is Portal from "The Double Life of Miranda Turner"

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