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While at NYCC last weekend, I had the chance to record a few minutes of Erik Larsen sketching, if only to help answer the question of, “How weird is Erik Larsen’s pencil grip?”

Once and for all, here it is.  You can see it for yourself.  I wasn’t set up to record the whole thing, but I caught a good three minute chunk of it.  Maybe next year I’ll bring the tripod with me and set something up for a speed drawing video…

I asked Erik about how he draws the webbing.  The conversation went list this:

“Concave, not convex?”

Erik: It switches.

“Does it?”

Erik: It does when I draw it… I go back and forth depending on where it is. To emphasize the shape.

Recently, Todd McFarlane talked about the same thing on a video of his that’s worth watching.  He emphasizes the way the webbing points down, but comes to the same conclusion as Erik in this video.

Todd McFarlane is well worth following on Facebook, by the way, for the live videos he posts there, drawing various characters.  It’s the only place you’ll see him drawing Spider-Man, for sure…

Erik Larsen maintains an active presence on Facebook, as well, where he posts his con sketches, lots of “Savage Dragon” previews, and more.

Erik Larsen Draws Erik Larsen Drawing

From the Savage Dragon card set from the early 1990s sometime:

How Erik Larsen Draws on a trading card by Erik Larsen

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Erik Larsen draws comics with a claw shaped hand. I have video proof of this!

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