Inktober Day 1 Miranda Mercury

Inktober 2016 Day 1 – Miranda Mercury


Here we go, kids!

Brandon Thomas is busy writing a new series, “Horizon”, over at Image Comics (via Skybound) right now, but came up through the ranks a few years back with his own character, Miranda Mercury. ¬†I have no doubt that she’ll be back again one of these days, so I want to jump ahead of the nostalgia train now. ūüėČ

Here, then, is a sped up version of my version of Miranda. ¬†The whole video was 56 minutes long. ¬†I compressed it down to three and a half minutes to save your sanity. ¬†That’s ink, colors, and highlights and shadows. ¬†Then I created this video, which was another 25 minutes or more, but I hope I’m learning the process so I can speed that up, too, in the days and weeks ahead. ¬†I’d love to do this 31 days in a row, but it sounds exhausting already. ¬†We’ll see…

Notes on this one: I like the charcoal texture on her pants and wished I had used it on her hair, too. ¬†The left goggle isn’t the right shape. I missed color in one spot, and didn’t notice it until I finished the video. ¬†Too late.

I lost my tool to draw ovals. ¬†Don’t know where it went. ¬†It used to be in the same set of tools as the other shapes like the rectangle. ¬†Wonder where it went?

Live and learn.

Not A Competition

Good thing. ¬†I can’t beat the likes of Boulet:




Or the always amazing Armand Serrano:

And there’s no way I’m topping Terry Dodson:

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