Inktober 2016 Day 11 Esther from Giant Days

Inktober 2016 Day 11 – Esther from Giant Days


This concludes the “Giant Days” trilogy for Inktober.  You can find Susan here and Daisy here. Daisy is one of my favorites, just because I figured out how to emulate Heather Grey in Clip Studio Paint doing it.  I’ll outline that process at in the near future, don’t you worry.

Honestly, I kinda like this one.  There’s one thing I’d fix that most people won’t notice, but c’est la vie.


Why didn’t I think of “Ink-Spiration” days ago? So obvious, in retrospect…

From Tony Bancroft, co-director on “Mulan”, amongst other things:


Not necessarily done for Inktober, but still a lot to look at and be amazed by:

Along those same lines:

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