Inktober Day 5 Glitterbomb

Inktober 2016 Day 5 – Glitterbomb

I reviewed the first issue of “Glitterbomb” three weeks back.  It’s your standard feel good story of a Hollywood actress overcoming incredible odds and defeating the casting couch with the help of some Cthulhu demons and powerful man-killing tongues.

Maybe half of the previous sentence is true.

Written by Jim Zubkavich, it’s drawn by Canadian wunderkind, Djibril Morissette-Phan, colored by YouTuber K. Michael Russell (who I also featured on this website), and lettered by Marshall Dillon.

I did a sketch last month after the first issue to fill in the gaps.  This is Farrah practicing her lines before the audition seen in the book.

Inktober Day 5 Glitterbomb


And here’s how we got to this drawing.


Right now, the biggest problem with this drawing, as an Inktober entry, is that the inks don’t make enough sense.  It’s almost random where the thicks and thins go, and that bothers me.  I know better.  Why can’t I implement it better?


Inktober Is NOT a Competition

But these Inktoberists will push you to do better.

Brian Kesinger is best know for those “Calvin & Hobbes” meet “Star Wars” mash-ups:



And, of course, Mr. Jake Parker, himself:





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