Reborn #1 by Greg Capullo -- I drew some fan art

Inktober 2016 Day 7 – Reborn


After reading “Reborn” #1, I was inspired enough to also try my hand at some fan art for #Inktober.

The process on this was a mess.  Watch the video carefully and you’ll see all sorts of weird things going on.  I couldn’t get the fill tool working right at one point.  My coloring was sloppy.  I started two different shadows layers.  (Not that it matters, but it’s still annoying.  They worked the same way.)  Going off the first issue only, there’s not a lot of reference to use to get the costume straight.  I did my best.  The visor on top of her head is almost there, but still looks weirdly wrong. It’s the wrong angle or something…

Reborn #1 fan art


Your Daily Inktober Inspiration


And finally, this piece of WOW OMG THAT’S INCREDIBLE:


THAT is how you use ink….

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