Inktober Youngblood compilation

Inktober 2016 Days 17 – 19: The New Youngblood

Next year, we’ll see a newly redesigned Youngblood team by Jim Towe. We haven’t seen much of them, but going by their initial designs, I included three of them in #Inktober2016.


Day 17: Vogue

That leather jacket is one big inking experiment.  I tried just throwing blotches of black ink in there to see how it would look.  It’s not horrible, but still not what it should be. And even after making lots of adjustments, her right leg is still twisted weirdly.   I think it’s just the way the cut-outs on her leggings are angled.  They’re slanted too far inside. They should be more up front.

Nearly three weeks into this experiment, I see these leg issues happening a lot and it’s starting to bother me.  Legs are either slightly twisted, or one appears just shorter than the other, for reasons beyond perspective.

But that’s what Inktober is for, right?  Lots of practice, lots of learning.

Inktober 2016 Day 17 - Vogue from Youngblood




Day 18: Suprema

I stole the colors directly from the promo image that came out.  Literally, I used the tool to grab the red color and used it.  You can see that in the video more explicitly.

She’s supposed to be flying in this one, floating just over Vogue’s head. Picture Vogue to the right and little lower on the page and their eye lines would meet.


Inktober 2016 Day 18 : Suprema from Youngblood by Jim Towe and Rob Liefeld


Day 19: Doc Rocket

90% of the inks I’m doing this month are on drawings I already penciled in my sketchbook. This is not one of those. Unfortunately, the recording of the pencils didn’t come out.  I’m still not sure what happened, but I’m happy it didn’t fail on the inks.

If I had this one to do all over again, her left hand would be rotated about 30 degrees clockwise.  I think that would make more sense.  I tried a different fist with her left hand multiple times but couldn’t get it to work. The final outcome is still slightly different from my “stock” fist pose, but I’m trying to get away from that.

I am slightly proud, though, that I have some foreshortening going on with the left leg there. I’ve been working on that lately.  Glad to see some things starting to come from it.

Of these three, only Vogue got the thick black outline treatment I had started experimenting with.  Memo to self: Get back on that.

Inktober 2016 Day 19 Doc Rocket


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