Wonder Woman for Inktober

Inktober 2016 Day 21: Wonder Woman

I’m going out of order on purpose today, because yesterday was an unofficial Wonder Woman Day.  DC celebrated her 75th birthday at the UN, where she was made an ambassador.  Much mirth and merriment was had.

So I went off schedule a bit and did some Wonder Woman drawing.

First, I did a 15 minute warm-up.  I Googled “Wonder Woman” and went to the Images tab and picked some interesting poses to re-draw.  Sped that up a bunch and made this 3:30 video:



Then, I picked a Wonder Woman to draw.  I went with Jim Lee’s pre-New 52 design, which I know is everyone’s favorite. 😉

I simplified it a bit and got rid of the weird gold boot things on that design and a lot of the piping.  I think it simplifies down nicely, and I much more enjoyed drawing this hairdo than the endless curls.


New 52 Wonder Woman for Inktober 2016, day 21


And here’s how it went, from the digital pencils all the way to the completed colors and random background rectangle.  This whole process took about an hour before I sped it up.

And, yes, I goofed on the title and credit cards when I wrote “New 52” on there.  This is not. This is the JMS/Jim Lee pre-New 52 design. Got carried away a little there…

I hope we declare November to be the month we go to fix all the goof-ups we make in Inktober, because I REALLY want to redraw that right hand.  It looks like a mess.  Also, her left foot is twisted away from her body in a way that looks painful.  But, again, that’s what Inktober is for, right?  Lots of practice, lots of learning…


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