NYCC: Having Fun While Shuffling Along

You can get stuck behind some pretty interesting characters at a comics convention.  In any row, aisle, pathway, stairway, elevator, or display, the odds are good you’ll be going in the same direction as someone else for a little while.

I accepted that fact this year at New York Comic Con and made a photo project out of it.  Nothing fancy, just quick cell phone pics as I walked.  In other words, lots of blurriness.

Here, then, are some of the people I walked behind for a while:

Walking behind somebody at NYCC 2016

I’m not sure what I was walking behind here, to be honest.  Looks like something out of a bad Jim Balent nightmare.


Walking behind Belle at NYCC 2016

Belle not only likes to read, but she likes to shop for graphic tees.


Walking behind Squirrel Girl at NYCC 2016

Trying to decide if that’s a Pokemon Go hunter cosplaying in the lower right corner, or just that guy’s particular fashion sense.  A lot of that happens at any comic convention.

Oh, and there I was, walking behind the one and only Squirrel Girl.

Walking behind Cable at NYCC 2016

Rob Liefeld couldn’t make the convention on Sunday, so I assume this was Cable representing, instead.

Walking behind Arthur Dent at NYCC 2016


Not comics, I know, but there was an adaptation once.  That’s Arthur Dent from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which means it’s awesome!  (I’m assuming this is a cosplay of the version of the character from the original tv series or book, and not the most recent movie..)

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