Pipeline #1004 – 7 Lessons the Next Suicide Movie Should Learn From Comics

Yes, that’s a long headline title.

I started to write a movie review and relate it back to what the comics did better.  But that turned into a rant against the movie. To be fair, the movie is pretty awful on every conceivable level.  I just don’t want to pile on.

I do.  It would be so easy. The movie provides so much ammunition. It’s a great example of everything that could go wrong actually going wrong. It’s a complete Frankenstein of badness.

The movie is flat out awful, though.


Offering Suggestions

Instead, I wrote about seven things the comic book series did right that I hope they use in the next movie, should one get green lighted.

Yes, it’s a listicle, I suppose.  But I support all my suggestions.

It’s live on ComicBook.com now.

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