The Thing #8 poker game

Pipeline #1006: Forgotten Favorites: “The Thing”

Dan Slott’s “The Thing” was a really really good comic book that I’m afraid too many people have forgotten about.  So I’m giving it a brief overview in Pipeline Commentary and Review this week over on

Someday, I’ll go into more detail on how glorious the eighth and final issue of that series was.  It deserves a thousand words all by itself.  From The Thing’s bar mitzvah to the Squirrel Girl appearance to the greatest poker game in the history of the Marvel Universe, it’s a special kind of issue.

The Thing #1 cover

Oh, and I missed something that I meant to put in that column.  CBR had an interview with Slott after the book got canceled, with his thoughts on why it didn’t make it:

“When ‘Thing’ #1 came out, retailers had to place their orders for the end of ‘House Of M,’ the start of ‘Infinite Crisis,’ the ‘Decimation’ titles, the start of ‘Spider-Man: The Other’, and so on… Man, it was a crazy time. And a 5th ongoing FF book wasn’t high on their list. I get that. But those circumstances meant that the book was dead out of the gate, before the fans ever got a chance to crack open the cover.”

Have to admit, that was a tough time to launch…  Also, I had completely forgotten that “Decimation” was a thing.  Thanks, Wikipedia!




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