Squirrel Girl gets a dark and brooding cover for GLA #3

Pipeline #1015: GLA and The Saviors

I love Paul Pelletier’s art. Love it, love it, love it. It’s right up there with the likes of Dale Keown and Vic Bridges (OK, I’m weird) and Steve Epting, and — well, maybe just a neighborhood away from Alan Davis.  It’s that smooth round line style that I love.

And “GLA” (Marvel Comics, 2005) is a great showcase for what he’s capable of. If you can love a guy’s art when he’s drawing a book about a team of losers trying to be superheroes, then you’re pretty good, indeed.  Rick Magyar is the perfect inker for his art, too.  He follows the round lines and keeps the shadows and the transitions in and out of light consistent and attractive.

Squirrel Girl and Monkey Joe in GLA #1

Say “Hello” to Squirrel Girl and her little friend, Monkey Joe.

Those of you who love Squirrel Girl so much these days have to like his art, too, because it helped bring SG back from the brink of Forgotten and Obscure Marvel.  Dan Slott is a genius at making those also-ran characters work well.  Squirrel Girl in GLA may be the best example of this yet.  But the entire GLA four issue mini-series is filled with that.  But it’s a dark, dark book — which is half of what makes it so funny.

GLA #3 cover, featuring the Dark Knight version of Squirrel Girl, really.

But check out this cover.  It’s awesome.  I’m only sorry my scan doesn’t do the colors justice, because the rich blue in the sky behind the forest is perfect.

I reviewed “GLA” in this week’s Pipeline column over at ComicBook.com.  Look for it between the two “Walking Dead” stories.

The Saviors tab by James Robinson and J Bone

Also in that column, I look at the five issue mini-series by James Robinson and J. Bone, “The Saviors”.  There’s a trade paperback collecting those issues due in comic shops tomorrow, and I’ll try to explain to you why it’s worth it.  Robinson’s story is interesting, but I think Bone is the main draw for me. That guy can tell a story in an interesting way. Just masterful.

Robinson’s introduction to the book is a must read for those of you who read it when it came out two years ago and wondered whatever happened to it…


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  • Colin Taylor October 29, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    Funnily enough a re-read of The Saviours just got to the top of my pile and so read I did tonight and its bloomin’ great. Fantastic B-Movie stuff. Its only fault is J Bone, though a wonderful artist is no great letterer and really should have got someone to do the job properly.

    That aside please pick this book up so we have a chance to get more of this thrilling series.

    • Augie October 29, 2016 at 5:30 pm

      Yeah, his lettering is a bit rough, but I so enjoyed seeing good ol’ fashioned hand lettering again, I forgave it too easily. 😉


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