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Pipeline #1018: Second Issue Syndrome

This week, at ComicBook.com, I take a look at three second issues.

Here’s why:

One of the issues with the world of on-line comics journalism is that we tend to ignore things after the first of them.

A new series with a new #1 issue will get lots of attention. After that, the attention wanes.

There’s a mirror there in the sales trends, but “journalism” isn’t the same as “sales.” It shouldn’t be, at least. Look at how many critical favorites — in every medium — don’t get the readers or viewers they deserve and wind up financial failures despite being darlings of the critics. Wouldn’t a little extra attention after that initial launch help?


It couldn’t hurt, though.

Plus, good books shouldn’t be ignored just because they’re not first issues. It drives many of us crazy to see long-running series restarted with first issues strictly as a marketing move, which is it 99% of the time.

I understand the realities of publishing, but I don’t have to like them. I cannot change those things, but I can at least work on things from this end.

This week, let’s look past the first issues of recent newly-launched series and jump to their second issues.  I have “Seven to Eternity,” “Moonshine,” and “Reborn” in this particular hopper.  Click through for the reviews.

(Sorry, I ran out of time to cover “Cannibal” #2…)

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