Pipeline #1019 – Last “Chew”, Second “Paper Girls”

This week, over at ComicBook.com, I re-open the Second Volume Project to take look at the second trade paperback in the “Paper Girls” series.

And then, with a little bit of a heavy heart, I look at the final — yes, final — issue of “Chew,” the Image series from John Layman and Rob Guillory that has brightened our New Comics Wednesdays now for six years.

In fact, here’s an “exclusive” preview of the lettering from the issue:

Chew Lettering by John Layman

I love it when Layman uses the title as a sound effect on this series.

Now, a tease: That sound effect precedes one of the greatest montage sequences in the history of comics. There, I just said it.  I won’t take it back. I can’t.

And, finally, here’s a sneak peek of the last page of the series:

Chew Final Page Sneak Peak

I’m sorry; my scanner only caught a part of it.  Don’t know what happened there.  That’s from the upper left corner of the page. It is not presented at scale.  Just go buy the book.  It’s worth the $5.99 cover price for their victory lap.


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