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Pipeline #1020: “Black Panther” #1

With the movie cast seemingly complete now and excitement building after “Doctor Strange,” it felt like a good time to go back for Yet Another Re-Read of the great “Black Panther” series from 1998.

This is the one from Christopher Priest that first featured Mark Texeira as its artist.  (And, I had forgotten, had Joe Quesada doing layouts on those early issues.)  A series of other artists (including Joe Jusko) worked on it before Sal Velluto became the one to handle the series, and an amazing job he did.

My write-up and review of that first issue is available now at

Everett K. Ross picks up Black Panther at the airport

Everett K. Ross picks up Black Panther at the airport

I’m not going to turn this into an issue-by-issue review.  I actually did do a review of the first two years of the series in Pipeline’s CBR days back in — 2001!  I’m going to reprint that here one of these weekends soon…

15 years later.

Great, I feel old again now.





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  • Ronnie December 4, 2016 at 8:05 pm

    I reread this entire series a couple of years ago and was blown away at how tight the entire thing is. Even the last year or so when T’Challa recruits that cop to be the new Black Panther in his absence. At the time I felt that was a mess, but reading it as solid unit, man, does it come together. Shame it had to end.


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