"The Fuse" by Antony Johnston and Justin Smallwood

Pipeline #1024: The Fuse

A long time ago, when I wrote for a site named ComicBookResources.com, I started a project to review the second volumes of series.  Everyone loves to review the first and last of a series, but the mushy middle so often gets ignored.  That’s a shame, as there’s usually a lot of great stuff in the middle.

I had just finished reading the first three volumes of “The Fuse” in prepping a column about it for that series when Pipeline was let go by CBR’s new ownership.

Honestly, it kind of soured me on finishing that review.

However, with the fourth volume of the book wrapping up this month, I felt compelled to go back and re-think the whole thing.

This week at ComicBook.com, I review issues #19 – #24 of “The Fuse,” which will comprise the fourth volume of the series when it’s collected in February.

OK, fine, so I wound up reviewing ‘the last’ of the series after all, and not the mushy middle. But I love this series and wanted to get word out in any way I could.

So there you have it.

Please give the series a chance.  It’s a great book that sucked me right in.


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