Rob Liefeld Draws Feet

Rob Liefeld Doesn’t Draw Feet! (Except When He Does)

The history of art is lined with artists who go to any extreme to not draw a foot.  What would an artist do without pools of water, clouds of smoke, piles of rubble, close-ups, and foreground characters posed just in front of other characters’ feet?  The world will never know.

The internet believes, like so many other things, that it is only Rob Liefeld who doesn’t draw feet.  And to be fair, he didn’t draw any feet here:

Rob Liefeld's bad Captain America drawing. Or was it?!?

(There’s an interesting defense of that drawing here, BTW.)

But Liefeld can draw feet.  Or, at least, a foot.  The left one.  On the right leg:

Rob Liefeld draws Jubilee with a foot

Give Liefeld a break. He was probably 19 when he drew this. And Art Thibert didn’t correct it in inks. The editor didn’t catch it, either.

But if you want to say that Liefeld doesn’t draw feet?  Well —

Neither does Frank Frazetta, and his painting just went for a million bucks:

Million Dollar Frazetta Painting


Nor does Bernie Wrighton, whose “Swamp Thing” #1 cover sold for $100,000:

Wrightson Swamp Thing Cover


Nor does Mike Mignola:

Hellboy Mignola no feet


Mignola, when asked about not drawing feet and getting compared to Liefeld:

Mike Mignola comments on Rob Liefeld's feet


Yes, it’s very artistic shadowy rubble that Mignola uses.

DaVinci doesn’t like the entire lower half of the body:

Mona Lisa has no visible feet

Though, to be fair, he also did “The Last Supper,” the bottom eighth of which looks like this:

Da Vinci's Last Supper

So let’s look at Monet, Vermeer, and Van Gogh, instead:

Monet, Van Gogh, and Vermeer did not draw feet

Footless, footless, and footless.

(And we know how Vermeer did his paintings with a mirror and live-still-action reference.  Or do we?)

Jim Lee won’t even draw dog’s feet:

Jim Lee Scooby Doo has no feet

And Jack Kirby didn’t draw Hitler’s feet:

Jack Kirby and Hitler's feet

As per Godwin’s Law, this article is now over.

To sum it up: Rob Liefeld doesn’t draw feet.  Except when he does:

Rob Liefeld Feet Covers



  • Chris J August 26, 2016 at 11:43 pm

    John Severin hated to draw horses, he found them extremely difficult, as an artist myself feet and hands were a challenge, until…you know, I practiced Till I got them down. Cars and trucks, oddly, were a challenge for me but again…do the time.

    Liefeld needed to do time on the proportions of the human body, because as we all know, if you learn anatomy with Kirby as a source (who knew his body and proportions and exaggerated properly for comics), you are gonna get reamed in articles like this.

  • Happy Birthday, Jack Kirby! - Pipeline Comics August 28, 2016 at 5:06 pm

    […] (For those playing at home, that’s 7 people/monsters on the cover, and maybe three feet drawn in.) […]


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