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Top 5 Worst VR Experiences in Comics

In the 550th edition of the iFanboy podcast, the ‘boys answered a question about virtual reality experiences. If they could, would they do a VR experience of a comic book story? From which character’s point of view?

That got my mind to spinning in several not-all-good directions.  Really not-all-good.  In fact, I deleted two of them from this list to maintain a PG rating for this website.  (They’re both  DC comics!) Buy me a drink at a convention someday, and I’ll tell you the other ideas.

In the meantime:


The Top 5 Worst VR Experiences in Comics

  1. “Batman: Year One”, as young Bruce Wayne


Batman Year One Death of the Waynes

Experience Joe Chill gunning down your mother and father right next to you!

Picture you on your knees, a hand reaching for each of their dead bodies.  Picture the pools of blood.

It all feels so real and isn’t that cool?!?

Dark Knight Returns Alley Pearls Scene

Then play the “Dark Knight Returns”-inspired mini-game-within-the-game where you have to catch all the falling pearls!

“Mini-game-within-the-game” makes this sound like an awesome debut title for whatever VR system Nintendo eventually comes out with.


  1. “Y the Last Man”, as any man other than Yorick Brown

Y The Last Man #3 cover

Shortest. VR. Ever.

Though if you wait long enough, you might make a flashback.


  1. “Ultimate Wolverine versus Ultimate Hulk”, as Ultimate Wolverine.


Ultimate Wolverine vs Ultimate Hulk

First, Hulk rips you in half.  Then, you wait years for the next part of the VR story, where you’re learning the answer to that eternal question, “Can a chicken still run around with his head ripped off?”  Imagine swinging your head to the left and seeing your legs a few feet away in Hulk’s other hand?


  1. “Invincible”: Thragg versus Battle Beast, as Battle Beast

Invincible Thragg versus Battle Beast

(In case you’re reading in trades and are one or two behind: Spoiler alert!)

It’s a bloody fight that lasts months, only to end with you draped over the shoulder of Thragg.  Ewwww….


And the #1 Worst VR Experience in Comics, and the one that I thought of first:


  1. “Kraven’s Last Hunt”, as Spider-Man

Empty black box

You know, the story where Kraven buries Spider-Man alive.  And now it’s like you’re there!  Six feet under.  Taking a dirt nap.  No light, no air, no nothing.

The entire VR experience would be a black nothingness.

On the bright side, this is a VR experience that could run on a Nintendo Wii!

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