Attakus makes the best European Comics statues and busts

The Weird and Wonderful World of Statues

I don’t collect statues or busts or any of those things.  I have no place to display them and, honestly, I’d prefer to spend that money on more books to read.  But —

Every once in a while, I get an email from the folks at Attakus.  They have some new statue or bust or something coming out, and they pass along high res pictures with all the information.  They catch my eye, usually, because they’re Asterix-related, so it’s nothing you’ll be seeing in the Previews catalog, most likely.

I’ve never looked too closely, to be honest. Again, it’s not my thing.  The latest email, though, had some inexpensive Dogmatix keychains and figures.  As an Asterix fan, I ate them up.  He’s just a cute looking dog, and the prices go from 5 euro to 17 euro or so.

Dogmatix from Asterix keychains from Attakus

They’re available on or off the keychain, and come in three packs, too.

I downloaded their catalog.  I suggest you do the same.  It’ll blow your mind to see what they have.


I’ll start with the one that’ll most interest my North American readers.  There’s a full line of Blacksad figures.  It’s a ridiculously deep line.  Here’s a compilation of all of them:

Attacks Blacksad statues

Most are around $55 or so, with the standing Blacksad one up there being a more expensive one at $600.  It’s also more than twice the height, at 16″ tall as opposed to 6.6″ for the busts.



Yes, they have individual busts available for everybody from Asterix to Julius Caesar. Here’s what those look like:

Attakus Asterix statues

Caesar even has an alternate color scheme in a limited edition. Love the attitude on Cleopatra there.

Here’s the big ticket item that’ll make an Asterix  fan’s mouth water:

Attakus Asterix statue

It’s $1700 or so.  You can get the unpainted one for $2750 and paint it yourself, if you’d like.

It gets crazier, though.  In fact, I’d say “craziest” is the next one.


I can’t explain the Rabbids. I did buy their launch title with the Nintendo Wii; it showed off a lot of mini-games that used the Wiimotes in interesting ways.  But, as the product of a French company (Ubisoft), they’re even more popular over there.  Some people might, thus, want to buy a Rabbid. Not just any Rabbid, though. This one:


Rabbit Statue is life size

No, not just any Rabbid: This is a $1670 Rabbid.

Why so much?

Take a look at that chart to the right of the statue.

It’s six feet tall.  IT’S A LIFE-SIZED RABBID. Scare your kids!  Scare the neighbors by putting it in the window at night.  Scare the Jehovah’s Witness when you open the door…

Deeper In the Euro Catalog

Some other lesser known properties in North America are worth looking at, too.

From Regis Loisel’s Peter Pan:

Peter Pan bust from Attakus of Captain Hook

Skydoll, which Marvel reprinted at one point:

Skydoll statue from Attakus

A Traditional Spirou:

Spirou Bust from Attakus

And the Ultimate French Comic Book Character, the Mona Lisa, available also in painted and unpainted versions:

Mona Lisa bust from Attakus

The catalog runs dozens of pages more.  Take a flip through it. There’s a whole Star Wars section in there.  There’s a half-naked ladies section I’m not including here.  They even sell sketchbooks.

I’m not a statue guy, but I’m impressed by this catalog and want to start a new collection…


I am NOT affiliated with the company in any way.  This isn’t a sponsored post.  Buy or don’t buy, it won’t impact me.  I just wanted to share something that excited me.  There’s some cool stuff out there.

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