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Welcome to PipelineComics.com

After almost 20 years of writing about comics, I’m setting up my own house.  Welcome to PipelineComics.com


The Status is Quo


First of all, Pipeline Commentary and Review will continue as it always has on Tuesdays.  ComicBook.com is the place to go to find that every week.  I’ll be linking to it from here every week as well.  The status there is quo.  You’ll get current reviews, thought pieces, and the kind of stuff that’ll appeal most to the audience at that site.

The format and scope of the column leaves a lot of room to write about other kinds of stuff on my own, and I’m finally going to pursue that here.  At this site, I’ll be writing about everything that doesn’t fit into the regular Tuesday column there.  That includes longer series, longer format pieces, occasionally more timely pieces, looks back at old columns, videos, podcasts, random images, etc. etc.

(Wait, did I just say “podcasts”?  That’s in development.  You’ll have to wait a little while longer for that.)


The Plan


I’ll be honest with you: I’m making it up as I go along.   There is no particular focus here just yet.  Every post isn’t going to be about The One Big Thing I’m pushing for in comics.  It won’t be all about lettering or all about Franco-Belgian comics or all about Image Comics.  (There will be some of all of that, though, for sure.)

As you’ll see from launch day, there are different types of posts I’m doing here already, and I’ve got more wacky ideas coming.  So far, the biggest problem has been in coming up with names for the categories.

The goal is to post something new 3 – 4 times a week, and then take the weekends off.  I’ve got dozens of longboxes worth of material behind me, a stack of original art, and an archive of old columns to keep me busy.

This ought to be a lot of fun. =)


More Information


Please, help me get word out that PipelineComics.com is live now.  Tweet, post, like, do whatever it is that kids do on SnapChat, Instagram, pick up a telephone — whatever it takes.  There’s a lot of stuff I’m excited to write about here, and I’m just getting started.

Check out the About and Media pages for more about I’m doing with this site, and how to contact me.

Sign up for the newsletter in the sidebar to the right to get future announcements first and, just maybe, occasional pieces of additional writing, reviews, etc. (I reviewed “Suicide Squad” #1 in the newsletter this week on a lark, for example.)

Follow PipelineComics on Twitter and Instagram for more original content, too.

As always, thanks for reading!



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