Empress and Reborn cover details

Pipeline #1044: It’s Millarworld Time

Mark Millar is well known for one thing lately: Creating mini-series with top name comic book artists that get sold to Hollywood before the first issue hits stands. Needless to say, this colors those books in many a reader’s mind. ┬áThe world of comics is littered with failed screenplays turned into “graphic novels” for the sake of putting together a…

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Isabellae v2 cover detail

Pirate Zombies Attack! Isabellae v2: “Sea of Corpses”

The Story of Isabellae and Her Sister So Far In the interests of remaining spoiler free, I’m not sure I mentioned strongly enough in my review of the first volume of “Isabellae” that her main mission in this series is to find her sister. The two had been estranged after her father’s death, and we see in a series of…

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