My name is Augie De Blieck Jr., and my first comic was “Amazing Spider-Man” #318.  I picked it up on the newsstands in the spring of 1989.

30 years later, here we are.

I’ve had nearly 400 letters printed in comic books and I’ve written more than 1100 columns for the biggest comic book magazine sites out there, and

Pipeline in one form or another has been continuously “printed” on a weekly schedule for 21 years straight and still going.

I’ve appeared on CNBC, and shown up on comics podcasts like iFanboy, Word Balloon, and Supercontext.  I also started the first comic book podcast at the end of 2004, and brought it back to life in 2019. (See “The Comic Book Podcast Companion” from TwoMorrows for more about those origins.)

Moving to Europe

I discovered European Comics in the early 2000s in the halls of San Diego Comic-Con.

It wasn’t until just a few years ago, though, that devoting an entire website to them became possible.  Thanks to Europe Comics, Cinebook, and digital comics distribution (I love you, Izneo!), there’s more than enough Franco-Belgian comics to go around. I dedicated this site to that mission starting in January 2017.

In the last four years, I’ve reviewed over 300 albums, including the entire runs of “Valerian and Laureline” and “Asterix.”

Books fall into every category, from humor to historical drama, science fiction to romantic comedy, fantasy to journalistic.

European comics have it all, and I’m looking at all of it. continues to dedicate itself to being the comic book website that talks about comic books. That sounds obvious, but look at the pop culture free-for-all that most comic book websites become to chase down the clicks. It isn’t pretty.  

This site is still about the comics — they just happen to come from Paris, mostly.


You can contact me for any comics matters — business or otherwise — at

On the social networks, I’m most active on Instagram and Twitter.  There’s also a Facebook page, but I rarely update it.


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