PipelineComics.com is a one man comic book website created by me, Augie De Blieck Jr., to write about all of the things that just don’t fit into Tuesday’s Pipeline Commentary and Review column over on ComicBook.com

  • PipelineComics.com will discuss comic books, not the latest casting rumors for a DC TV show.
  • PipelineComics.com will talk about the craft of creating comic books, not presenting Top Ten lists across ten pages.
  • PipelineComics.com will look at the exciting comics that are coming out soon, not about the amazing easter eggs in the latest superhero trailer.
  • PipelineComics.com will focus on favorite comics of the past more than the latest controversy over who badmouthed who on Twitter this morning.

In other words, this website is doomed to fail from the start. Every trick that makes a website attractive to advertisers is being ignored.

If you’d like to prove that statement wrong, though, please contact me about sponsorships.  I have server bills to pay, a kid who takes dance classes and needs new ballet shoes because she’s growing like a weed, and a big love for Artist’s Edition books.  You see my dilemma.


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