Over the last twenty years, we’ve seen the decline and near death of comics journalism.  “The Comics Journal” isn’t in print anymore.  Nor is “The Comics Buyer’s Guide.”  “Comics Scene” is a figment of Gen X’s imagination. “Hero Illustrated,” “Arena,” and “Comics Now” are all gone, gone, gone.

Really, once “Wizard” closed, what hope was there for anyone?

As web-based comics journalism quickly turns into Entertainment Tonight, you’re only getting sadder that nobody talks about comics anymore.

I don’t want you to be sad.  I want to fix your sadness.  I want to write about comics.

Yes, it’s a crazy idea. My particular implementation of that goal is almost doomed to fail from the start.  But I like long odds.  I’m a patient man.

Bring. It. On.

A Specialty Site: European Comics a.k.a. Bande Dessinée

Starting at the beginning of 2017, I began to focus the site on the burgeoning European Comics market.  Thanks to the growth of digital comics distribution, it is at last financially viable to translate Franco-Belgian comics for English-speaking audiences.  There are some great ones out there — not just the classics like “Asterix” and “Lucky Luke,” but also more modern fare like “The Campbells” and “Ken Games.”

From there, I’ve also expanded out to talking about the latest news of the day, as well as some background material on the Franco-Belgian industry and its history.

Site Stats

In the interests of transparency and honesty, I want to give you the impressive stats behind the popularity of

There’s a core group of a couple hundred people who come here every day. The occasional popular article can hit a couple thousand additional readers in 24 hours when it hits right. One or twice a year, a piece will go viral and quadruple even that number.  It blows my mind when that happens.

Over the course of the month, though, thousands of people do visit this site, so it adds up over time.

Contact Augie

It’s fairly easy.  Send me an email or drop me a tweet.

I am available for podcasts, email/phone interviews, bar mitzvahs, 80s movie cast revivals, the works!  If you just want to talk about me and not to me, it’s spelled “Augie De Blieck Jr.” and pronounced /dih-BLEEK/


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