For the folks who support this site, I dedicate this page.

Thanks to all of you for keeping these servers on, and for investing in me and my little project here.

Here is the inaugural list of names:

  • Dan Cassino
  • Darren Close
  • Peter AKA Krisis
  • Tim Riley

And more recent patrons:

  • Cameron Callahan
  • Arcturus
  • Dylan Campbell
  • Colin Taylor
  • The Artist’s Edition Index
  • Gopal Srinivasan
  • Andrea Pederson
  • Jordan Daly-Frey
  • Lala Hulse
  • Shawn Levasseur
  • Sverrir Örn Björnsson
  • Paul Downton
  • Eduardo Teixeira
  • Sverrir Örn Björnsson
  • Jungly Barry
  • Lubos Pribula

Please visit the Pipeline Patreon page if you’re interested in being added to this noble list of comic book fans.  Just the price one comic book a month will land you a spot.


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