Pipeline #1011: “Hadrian’s Wall” #1

The new column is up!

I liked the font Troy Peteri used in this book.  It’s one by Nate Piekos.  Fits in perfectly and has an interesting look to it.  But you likely don’t care about that. Boo to you!

In any case, “Hadrian’s Wall” is the first issue of a new Image Comics series that I wound up liking a lot.  It has an 80s feel to it, which is cool.

One thing I mention in the column is the futuristic umbrellas. Here’s that panel:

Hadrian's Wall Umbrellas Nubrellas

And here’s how it looks on the Nubrella site:

Nubrella woman

Looks like a good investment for the Sharks.  (Daymond and Kevin Harrington)

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