The crowd at the front of the Javitz Center for New York Comic Con 2016

Pipeline #1013: The Lines of NYCC

This week’s column is my report from the floor of a busy convention and where the most amount of elbow room could be found.  I don’t think it’s a spoiler at all to give the obvious answer to that: “Anywhere there are comics.”

I don’t mind that people throw pop culture conventions.  I’m just annoyed that they call them “Comic Cons.” (With or without the hyphen.)

That said, NYCC throws the best comic con that I can get to, so I can’t complain. It’s just all in the North end in the Artist’s Alley section. You can ignore the rest of the convention and still have an amazing time.

This was the first show I’ve been to since Pipeline migrated from CBR.  People still remembered me, so there’s hope.

Trading Cards

I had fun passing out my new business card:


The new Pipeline business card, front side The new Pipeline business card, back side


It was a bit of a last minute design.  I had better plans for the “Social Media” part, but no time to put that together.  But “PipelineComics” will work on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.  Possibly, it’ll get you to the right place on YouTube, as well, though I haven’t quite cracked that nut yet.

Are business cards of any use anymore?  I’m not sure, but I don’t think they hurt.  If nothing else, they give me a good talking point to start any conversation.  “Hi, you may know me from such websites as CBR for the last 17 years, or from the letters columns of your favorite comics for the 10 years before that.  Now, I’m on my own again…”

If you don’t have a business card worth handing out and just want an easy in on any conversation in Artist’s Alley, I recommend bringing a comic book to get signed.  It’s a good kick-off point.  (Though I will admit I fumbled one so badly at the start that I didn’t introduce myself afterwards.  I was happy to just collect my stuff and move on and NOT let them know it was me.)

I have more thoughts on Artist’s Alley, and I’ll get to those at some point in the next 24 hours.  More NYCC to come — !


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