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Pipeline #1023: Digital Comics Things I’m Grateful For

In last week’s column, I looked at a few digital resources I use for talking about comics and making my drawings. If you want to know which digital art program I love, or what website I use to see what the new comics are going to be on Wednesday, for two things, you’ll want to read this column.  You may just never miss a new comic at the store on Wednesdays again!

Someday, I should do a round-up on all the applications I use in writing the column and the articles you read on If that’s something you’d like, drop me a tweet, or leave a message in the comments below. I’m easy to convince sometimes…


OK, Just This One Extra Recommendation

I’ll just add this one for now, though: is invaluable.  When Google Reader died, I was worried I’d never be able to keep up with the day to day news again.  Thanks to Feedly, even with the free plan I have a great RSS reader that keeps me up to date daily with dozens of websites.  I couldn’t imagine doing this column or following this industry without it.

Go read that column while I go ahead and start writing this week’s installment…

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  • dancj January 2, 2017 at 5:26 am

    I’m definitely with you on Feedly. That’s how I read Pipeline and pretty much everything else.

    I’ve also started using comic list for solicitations since the over-sized images on CBR made their solicitations unusable.


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