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Pipeline #1043: “She-Hulk” by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido

Yes, I’m late to this series.  But when Comixology had another one of their sales and I could pick up the entire run for a fairly low price, I jumped.

Glad I did.  It’s a fun book, right up there with John Byrne’s run and Dan Slott’s.  I think I’d put it third on that last, but that’s no slight against it.  They’re all great runs.  A more interesting challenge would be to figure out whether I prefer Slott’s run or Byrne’s.  Off the top of my head, I’d go with Byrne’s, but I have to think a big part of that is just because I read it first.

Two things from the review I cut for space that I’m going to include here now:

  • There’s some very weird pacing issues in the book, with a couple of splash pages that seem, honestly, wasted. I get the feeling, though, that that might be more on the shoulders of Soule, who was a relatively new comics writer at this time, even with all the credits he had under his belt by that point. But it could also be a decision Pulido made in the course of laying out the issue and figuring out where everything fits. I’m not a big fan, but bully for them for trying different things.
  • The most impressive deep dive into Marvel continuity in this series is Nightwatch. He’s the blatant Spawn rip-off Marvel published in the early 90s while they were running so scared by the Image defection that their only play was to try flooding the market. It didn’t work.  “Spawn” was a Top Twenty book longer than “Nightwatch” was ever a series.

You can read the whole review at now.

It was published right after the weekend the “Wonder Woman” movie debuted.  I mention that as context for the opening joke.



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