Zep draws Titeuf as a superhero

Watch Zep Draw Titeuf

Titeuf by Zep volume 15

Glenat is releasing the new 15th volume in the “Titeuf” series today.

In honor of that, I found these two videos recently.  They’re both of Titeuf’s creator, Zep, drawing the character in a variety of situations and styles.  The title cards are all in French, but most of them translate pretty easily.  I’ll index the videos and translate as we go.


The Fascination

These videos fascinate me for three reasons:

One, Zep does all this without drawing any guidelines. He doesn’t even need a pencil.  He has his trusty Pentel Pocket Brush and goes to town with it.  I guess that’s fairly easy to do after drawing 15 books with the character, but still… Impressive.

Also, look at how he holds his pen.  It’s not exactly uncommon, but look at the way he hold his pen and how much control he has with his lines.  I want to give that a try sometime.

Finally, I love his lettering style.  He just freehands the lettering without any guidelines, often in pre-drawn balloons, but they have an energy and a bounce that works.


Part One

0:02 If Titeuf rejuvenated… (He’d be a sperm.  My translation here is too literal, I know.)

0:44 If Titeuf grew older…

1:45 If Titeuf was the president…

2:48 If Titeuf was 20 years old…

3:44 If Titeuf was a girl…

4:27 If Titeuf looked like Zep…


Part Two

0:02 If Titeuf was a manga character…

0:56 If Titeuf was a superhero… (Guest-starring Batman)

2:47 If Titeuf got a new hair cut… (Tintin!)

3:34 If Titeuf was a zombie…

5:11 If Titeuf was an animal…

6:30 If Titeuf had an ancestor… (Asterix!)

7:26 If Titeuf was a sci-fi hero…




  • JC LEBOURDAIS September 1, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    Zep is from Switzerland, he’s one of a kind in our francophone landscape

    • Augie September 2, 2017 at 12:09 am

      And that’s how an artist can stand out — being one of a kind, instead of Yet Another Copy of Franquin. Granted, I love Franquin and many of his copycats. 😉


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