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10 (Mostly European) Creators to Follow in Inktober 2018

It’s #Inktober again! It’s a month of artists doing inked drawings and posting them to their social media of choice, whether that’s Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, etc.

If you’re looking for artists to follow this year, I’ve been putting together a list of suggestions for you. If you know of a European artists (particularly the French and Belgian ones) doing the challenge, let me know in the comments below.  I’d be happy to add them to this directory.


European Inktoberists



Mauricet's Inktober 2018 Instagram page

The ever-prolific Mauricet started the month with some strong scenes in good ol’ pen and ink.


Philippe Fenech

Philippe Fenech's Inktober 2018 Instagram page


The artist on “Mes Cop’s” is following the Inktober prompt list, with some great animals and multiple angles on the inked drawing many days.


Dav le Dessineax

Dav le Dessineaux's Inktober 2018 Instagram page

Another artist following the prompt list, Dav is drawing a new Mickey Mouse every day, and they’re both cute and hilarious.

As a reminder: Inktober is not a contest.  It’s a personal challenge to practice your inking skills.

That said, Dav wins #Inktober with this Scrooge McDuck drawing:




VixieArt's Inktober 2018 Instagram page

Vixiearts is drawing dogs this month, and they’re all terribly cute.  Go back through her timeline and enjoy the Mermay month, too. It’s all good stuff.


Sylvain Guinebaud

The Inktober Instagram page of Sylvain Guinebaud

Guinebaud features cat drawings that go along with the Inktober prompts.


Thierry Martin

Thierry Martin's Inktober 2018 Instagram page

He’s not specifically doing #Inktober here, but he does have some amazing daily art pieces done in inks.  It’s worth checking out.


William Maury

William Maury's Inktober 2018 Instagram page

The artist of “Tizombies” and “Sisters” is doing some fun Inktober drawings.



Loish's Inktober 2018 Instagram page

Who doesn’t love looking at Loish’s Instagram page already? Yes, she’s doing some Inktober prompts, as well!



Lombard's Inktober 2018 Instagram page

Yes, the publisher.  They’re featuring a black and white panel from one of their titles every day.  It’s a great mix of styles.  (Ok, so it misses the point of personal development on the part of the artist, but it is a fun showcase of different creators…)


I Know Utah is Not in Europe, But…

Jake Parker's Inktober 2018 Instagram page

Don’t forget to check out Inktober creator Jake Parker‘s drawings!  It looks like he’s working on one big mural again this year.  You can see how some of the pieces go together already.


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