A new Albert Uderzo mural will be on display in Angouleme

Bonus: Spirou and Uderzo

Friday turned out to be an interesting news day. Two big stories came from ActuaBD.com, and I wanted to talk about them. Here we go!


From 2018, “Spirou and Toxic Fandom,” in which I discuss the issues Vehlmann talked about with fandom and his Spirou run.

The René Goscinny Obelisk in Angoulême.

Francois Boucq draws a superhero book, “Superdupont“.

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  1. France Cculture is a public radio station, dedicated to more cultural stuff and less every day news, one branch of Radio France / France Televisions hydra that is our equivalent of NPR.

    Pronunciation : Men-heer
    Phylactere = Phil-act-hair that is the big word for a word balloon

  2. Did you know that Asterix and Obelix were mascots for the 2017 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship?