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Episode 78: The McSpidey Chronicles

It is launched:

Go there now to learn all about Todd McFarlane’s run on “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

In this podcast, I’ll explain where it came from, what’s in it, and what the future plans are for it.

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  1. That is a great idea, in principle, you have a wealth of articles and even from your letterhack days there is plenty to be revisited and expanded upon. The first choice is not for me though, as I never considered McFarlane a very good artist (Larsen and Silvestri were way better than the Toddster and Jim Lee, in my opinion, despite still a step down from their elders). Even though I’m only about ten years older than you, I had the chance to read Marvel and DC comics from the beginning of the Silver Age, thanks to French publishers Lug, Arédit and Sagédition. As a consequence, after Ditko, Romita Sr. and Andru, McFarlane was downhill in my opinion, I enjoyed his style on Infinity Inc. then on the Hulk, but I never found there was anything special about him. More like the opposite actually, since he originated some drawing quirks on Spider-Man that were later trivialized by Erik Larsen and Mark Bagley (the deformed anatomy, the flashy poses, the webbing). The 90’s were the years when I turned away from mainstream american comics, not just because of the bad art but also the sub-par writing (clone saga, Knightfall, Death of Superman, etc) , and the Image guys were a big symptom of it. I then turned back from European comics from my childhood, as the Pilote era was coming to maturity and also started collecting classic American Newspaper strips (Winsor McCay, Foster, Hogarth, MacRaboy, Phil Davis,…), thanks to the fantastic Futuropolis and Zenda collections. Funnily I did exactly the same with music, veering back in time as the 90’s produced so much repulsive noise to my ears. Wonder what a shrink would have to say about that lol.
    I’m definitely interested in the perspective of someone who started reading comics in the 90’s, even though I am likely to strongly disagree with most of it.

    1. Ugh, the URL issues have been a plague on my website all week. There are a couple of different behind-the-scenes technical issues I’m working through on that. The link in the sidebar seems to be working, at least. I’m worried that the redirect on isn’t working well because the place I bought the URL from is awful. We’ll see. I have a couple of tests left on that check…