Episode 92 Show Notes as Comixology founder leaves company

Episode 92: Final Comixology Founder Flees

Is that episode title clickbait? How about “Last Rat Deserts Ship”? Now THAT’s incendiary!

See David Steinberger’s resignation tweet thread here:

Read all about the money that went into the company at Comixology on CrunchBase.

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One Comment

  1. I remembernmany many years ago saying to a friend that the day Twitter becomes the source for news it will be the end of civilization. He laughed…
    This guy now, obviously signed an NDA-type non-disparagement clause of some kind, so we won’t know how much of a debacle this has been, probably for a while; This type of ‘promotion’ happens all the time in politics and high spheres of business apparently.
    So in the meantime most of the conversation is to speculate on what is happening behind the scenes. Sure it’s clickbait but everyone else is doing it so why not jump on the bandwagon, good for you man.