Jean-Claude Mezieres draws on video on-line

Jean-Claude Mezieres on Video

I did some searching around YouTube, looking for any footage I could find of Jean-Claude Mezieres drawing. There’s not much stuff out there, but I hit the jackpot on the first search.

Watch Mezieres draw Valerian and Laureline here:

After that, it gets more spotty.  There are plenty of talking heads videos of him discussing Valerian, mostly in conjunction with the movie. There’s nothing else of him drawing, really.

But I did find a couple of other interesting videos.

The Fifth Element

Watch Mezieres and Jean (“Moebius”) Giraud discuss working together on “The Fifth Element.”

The Documentary

They made a 43 minute documentary of Mezieres working out a page from “Valerian.”

The link to the Video on Demand site is dead.  The DVD is available for 15 Euro.  It’s not on Netflix.  I don’t know if it comes subtitled or not, but I do want to see it:

The website for the movie is here:


Animated Bonus

They did an animated “Valerian” series 10 years ago. It’s an anime production between Japan and France.  They called the series “Time Jam: Valerian and Laureline.”  It lasted 40 episodes.  Here’s the first episode, where Valerian first meets Laureline:

Mr. Albert is recast as “Dr. Albert” in the series, but the look is identical:

Mr. Albert is a dead ringer for Meziere's version of the character in the Time Jam anime

Sounds like a crazy adaptation.  From the Wikipedia entry:

Whereas in the comics Valerian takes Laureline back to his own time without any trouble, in the animated series this results in Earth disappearing from the solar system. The couple settle in the galactic capital Point Central and realize they are possibly the only humans left. They begin a new life as space mercenaries and adventurers, exploring the new space-time continuum while at the same time attempting to rediscover the Earth.

So they sorta combined “The Wrath of Hypsis” together with “Bad Dreams” in the first episode, then?  Crazy.

And “Time Jam” for a name sounds like someone trying hard to be hip in 1993 or so.  Or maybe I’m just thinking about “Space Jam”…

I don’t have the patience to watch all 40 episodes of the series, but John Hansen did.  He reviewed the series on his site.

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    1. That’s what Wikipedia tells me. Having watched five minutes of it, I’ll just take their word for it and move on. 😉

  1. well this looks like a very generic anime but the characters have more personality than the movie cast; it’s kinda sad.