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PipelineComics.com is proudly a comic book site about comic books.

I want to continue writing here every week, and I want to do more.  But the bills are coming due.  At this point, it’s all server costs and domain name renewals and WordPress plug-ins that keep the whole thing running (somewhat) smoothly.

It’s a one man operation: Me.

If you like what I’m doing here at PipelineComics.com, this is your chance to help.

  • If you want to see more reviews of Franco-Belgian comics…
  • If you want to see more thought pieces on the industry…
  • If you want to see more hyperanalyses of art, writing, and lettering…
  • If you want more looks back at the early days of Image Comics…

You can now help!


The Pipeline Patreon campaign is on!  

The moneys raised through Patreon will go back into this site one way or another.

Primarily, I want this site to pay for itself.  That’s all the tech stuff I mentioned above, plus the raw materials, i.e. the comic books, and various things like apps and fonts and whatnot that I occasionally pick up to use around here.

You may have noticed that most of the reviews I’ve done this year were for books on sale at Comixology that week.  I want to be more timely with reviews and less constrained to what happens to be on sale that week.  This Patreon campaign will hopefully help subsidize that.

podcast microphone on a keyboard

If this turns out successfully enough, I’ll be relaunching the Pipeline Podcast — comics’ first podcast.  I really want to do it, and I hope enough of you want to listen to it to become Patrons of this website.

There are a few levels of support, starting at $3 (cheaper than every IDW comic!) and working all the way up to $500 for those of you with more money than common sense. (Here’s to the crazy ones — ! They get lots of comics back for it!)

Rewards range from your name in the Special Thanks section on this website to Patron-only posts to an ad on the site or a sketch and more.  This site will continue to be free, including all articles. The Patron posts will be for things that don’t fit naturally onto this site. (Shorter reviews, more timely reviews, quick news analysis, stray thoughts, etc.)

For all the details — including the different levels of support and further goals beyond just the podcast — head on over to the Patreon page right now.  If this goes well, I’m going to be a very busy man.


Thanks In Advance

…for even reading this post or for visiting the Patreon page.

Whether you pledge here or not, thanks for all your support over the last twenty years.  I hope we’ll all be together for another twenty more!

Bring back the Pipeline Podcast via Patreon

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