Albert Uderzo draws Asterix in a video

Watch Albert Uderzo Draw Asterix

As I did with Peyo and the Smurfs, I recently went searching for videos of Albert Uderzo drawing some Asterix characters.

Uderzo has done much more media in the last twenty years than it feels like Peyo did in his whole life, even during the height of Smurf mania in the 1980s.  Either that, or he just did more videos, at least.

This video is about all I needed to see to make for a successful search:



Uderzo also appeared on an episode of the original Tac Au Tac series.  (It’s returning soon, theoretically!  Or maybe it already has.  I don’t know…)  Even better, he appeared alongside Asterix writer, Rene Goscinny:

OK, so he wasn’t drawing Asterix on there, but it’s still fun to watch!

He appeared on another episode of the series alongside Gotlib, in 1971.


Uderzo Goes Dutch

Here’s Uderzo walking through Parc Asterix and then drawing during an interview.  As a special bonus, his French is captioned in Dutch and you can still add in YouTube’s built-in translation captioning on the fly for great linguistic confusion.

I’m guessing this is from the late 80s.




Drawing Style

Last year, I posted a video from New York Comic Con that showed how Erik Larsen draws.  His hand positioning with his pen is legendary for blowing people’s minds.

Check out the opening few seconds of this video to see how Albert Uderzo holds his pen when signing autographs.  It’s baffling and awe-inspiring, all at the same time.

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  1. That is amazing. I would never have guessed that Uderzo would draw like that, starting close to his body and then sweeping the pen away from him. It’s also interesting that he starts with the nose when drawing the male characters. Very cool.

    1. Yeah, the part where he pushes the pen away from him was interesting. I’d almost expect that from a lefty, but he’s right handed. Artists are funny creatures. 😉

      1. His only “safe” work was actually in collaboration with René Goscinny for Pilote in a series called Les Dingodossiers, which is very reminiscent of Mad Magazine and the Monty Python for the slapstick humour, but it’s so topical about France in the Sixties that you would need a truckload of footnotes to put it out there to a cosmopolitan audience of 2018. But it’s just as delightful as Astérix in many ways. And obviously very nostalgic when I reread it today.
        Oh btw he is also the co-creator of SuperDupont, if you remember that bit participation from Neal adams in the early days of Fluide Glacial magazine. I believe it was commented in the Comics Journal at the time or something.

  2. The video with dutch subs was from the television course How to draw comics. It was presented bij Hanco Kolk and Peter de Wit. You should check out their colaborate comic Meccano. I’m curious if it’s your thing.

  3. He starts with the nose – exactly the same way I do it when I draw Asterix and Obelix. (And I think the nose is about the only thing I get right)

    That pleases me for some reason.