Random Marvel comics that might be worth something in this market now

Episode 73: The New Normal

Comic book prices in the open market are going through the roof. Is this the start of another boom and bust cycle, fueled by speculators? Or is this the new normal in a world where the internet gives us the tools to do interesting things, like arbitrage? I’ll explain…

I have no additional show notes here because I’m working on a longer article on this topic. When that’s finished, I’ll link it here.

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  1. Bleeding Cool already has had for years a regular column where for half a minute hot comics (based on whatever movie/TV event is happening) go for a premium. No wonder at some point the general public would catch on, as they did for anything vintage before.
    Many people, even on the European market, have been doing this for ages based on the BDM, our own Overstreet, sort of. Here in the early eighties you could find first printings of almost anything for breadcrumbs, if you knew where to look. That’s how my own collecting spree got started, but I was always a reader first, value of the object always came second.
    Sorry this page does not exist in english

    This will all go away when everything goes digital only, of course.