X-Force #1 bagged and carded

Bonus: X-Force #1 at 30

Hard to believe, but “X-Force” #1 came out 30 years ago this past week.

I feel so old just saying that, but I’m trying not to think about it too much.

Now, since this is Rob Liefeld we’re talking about, there’s a small bit of controversy in Twitter-land over this.

For some reason, people want to rain on Liefeld’s parade. One went so far as to cite one website’s Top 10 list of Best Selling Single Comics of All Time that has, to put it mildly, some faulty logic at its very core. This podcast is me correcting that fault and pointing out its intellectual dishonesty.

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      1. Could be a Firefox issue, I will try Chrome when I have the chance. I’ll let you know.
        In any case I have it in my podcast queue, so I’m listening to it right now.
        What you describe here is the reason why I am not on social media. If I were I would spend my life trying to correct stupid and wrong statements. Would be vain and would never end.

          1. Thanks for tracking down the error. I have to admit that I don’t use Firefox that much — it’s my testing browser that I never log into just to keep the Google results clear. I forget it exists sometimes….

        1. It can be tiring somedays. I take comfort in knowing that by the time I see most stupid statements, ten people have already corrected them and I can stay out of it. Sometimes, though, the facts are just too easy to bring up to ignore and I join the fray.

          1. Except that on social media everything has the same weight. A correction has no more impact than the idiocy that preceded it and they end up appearing as two opinions of equal value. No one will ever admit being wrong, unless under pressure of cancel culture, which can be even worse… Not sure my brain could sustain that without going insane.