Savage Dragon #250 cover detail by Erik Larsen

I Tried Buying All of Savage Dragon on comiXology

Erik Larsen’s “Savage Dragon” reached its 250th issue milestone this week. It is a remarkable accomplishment, and has always been a fun, fun ride.

I don’t go to the comics shops regularly anymore. I’m not on any paper comp review lists anymore. I’ve been reading “Dragon” digitally for the last couple of years. Someday, if I see those issues in a dollar bin or in an eBay lot, I may pick them up to keep the paper collection alive. But I’m fine with digital comics these days, for the most part.

I fell a couple issue behind on my Dragon reading, so I rushed to comiXology to catch up before heading to the local comics shop to grab a copy of #250.

That’s when I had this thought: “Does anyone ever click that button?”

comiXology Add All to Cart button for Savage Dragon

“Add All to Cart” seems like a very dangerous thing to try with a book like “Dragon.” That’s now 250 comics to buy all at once. It’s actually more: Even with the mini-series separate, there’s a zero issue, at the very least. So that’s 251 comics.

The good news is that all back issues older than a month are on sale right now for 99 cents. Even the 100 page issues are 99 cents. Issue #249 is $1.99. Issue #250 is the full price $9.99. It’s an amazing offer, overall. You should be able to grab all 250 issues for $257.50, if I do the math right.

I asked myself the musical question:

Would I break comiXology if I added all 251 issues to my cart with the click of a button?

Only one way to find out:

I didn’t break comiXology with this little experiment, but I did push its limits and found out how far it would let me go. Oh, and it took awhile to run….

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of reading to do. Can’t wait!

Savage Dragon #250 cover A by Erik Larsen

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  1. It’s funny, just the other day I was organising the 5 B&W archive volumes of the series which were put out years ago and I was wondering why they never continued that way, I might still be reading it today. I loved these huge books devoid of the typical Image garish colour palette and let you appreciate the art properly (I also lament the Marvel and DC volumes of the same kind).
    At the beginning of the series, though very dynamic and dramatic, Larsen was introducing so many characters and throwing so much at the wall that it could have used a proper writer, but he definitely improved over the years and for a long time SD was the best image title in an ocean of Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld clones. Today, he’s getting near to besting Dave Sim’s record of a single creator’s achievement, that is quite a feat.